Get ₹21 with G Pay Referral Code 2024 + Earn ₹200 with Referral Program

G pay is one of the most used app in India. With this app you can pay bills, shop online and send money to others. Over time, Google Pay app keeps updating its referral program and In 2024, they have introduced a new referral program where both the person referring and the person using the referral code benefits. Below we have given all the details about google pay refer and earn program so that you can easily use the g pay referral code and refer your friends.

App Signup Bonus₹21 (for the referred person)
Referral Codef82ee5k
Referral Amount₹201 (for the referrer)

What is GPay?

Google Pay is a popular payment app developed by Google. With this app, you can make all sorts of payments, whether it is for water bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, and even credit card bills. Plus, the GPay app lets you enjoy features like contactless payments, online payments, peer-to-peer transfers, and loyalty and rewards programs.

Overview of google pay refer and earn Program

The Google Pay Refer and Earn program is highly beneficial, where both the referrer and the referred person gain rewards. Below, we have outlined the key points of the referral program.

How It Works

Refer a friend to the Google Pay app and get ₹201 once they make a transaction. It could be any bill payment or a peer-to-peer transfer.

Benefits for the Referred Person

Additionally, anyone who signs up for the app using your referral code will receive ₹21 after linking the app to their bank and making a transaction of ₹1 or more.

Where to enter referral code in google pay?

Step 1: Download and Install Google Pay

First, click on the link below to download the Google Pay app.

Step 2: Sign Up

  • Once installed, launch the app and signup by entering your mobile number, then select your email ID.
  • after that, The mobile number linked with the app will be instantly validated.

Step 3: Apply google pay invite code

  • First, you need to apply the google pay invite code.
  • To do this, click on the profile icon, which is located at the top of the application.
  • Next, go to the three-dot menu option.
  • Then, click on the “Referral Code” button.
  • Now you can fill gpay referral code- f82ee5k in that’s section.

Step 4: Add Bank Account

  • Head to the app’s homepage.
  • Tap on the “Bank Account” option.
  • Pick your bank and follow the steps to link your account.

Step 5: Complete a Transaction

  • The key step is to make a transaction of at least ₹1.
  • Just send ₹1 to any friend.
  • Once you do that, you’ll get ₹21 instantly!
  • By following these steps, you can successfully participate in the Google Pay Refer and Earn program and start earning rewards!

Below, you’ll find a video guide on how to apply a referral code, add a bank account, and send ₹1 to friends to complete a transaction.

How to refer and earn in google pay

Step 1: Open Google Pay

  • Open the app.

Step 2: Go to “Invite Friends”

  • Scroll down and go to “Invite Friends”.

Step 3: Tap “Invite”

  • Tap the “Invite” button under “Invite Friends”.

Done! Now you can start your refer and journey with gpay.

Important Terms and Conditions of Google Pay Refer and Earn Program

  1. Eligible Referral: Eligible referral is when the referred person creates a Google Pay account for the first time and has never installed Google Pay on their phone.
  2. Transaction: The referred person must do a transaction of ₹1. Both the referrer and the person using the referral code will benefit.
  3. Enter Referral Code: To participate in the referral program, the referred person must enter the referral code in app settings.
  4. Misuse: If anyone misuses the referral program, their account will be suspended.
  5. Referral Limit: You can earn up to 100 referral rewards on Google Pay.


Friends, Google Pay offers an excellent referral program where you simply need to invite friends. However, always invite friends who have never downloaded the app before. You can also use social media to spot people who need a gpay referral code. Further, you can search for those who need Google Pay referral codes on Telegram and WhatsApp group.

FAQ : –

What rewards do I and the referred person receive for a successful referral?

You get ₹201 when your friend adds their bank account to Google Pay and does a min transaction of ₹1. Your referred person gets ₹21 when they add their bank account and do a min transaction of ₹1.

Is there a limit to how many referral rewards I can earn?

Yes, you can earn up to 100 referral rewards on Google Pay.

why Google Pay Referral Reward Not Received?

If you haven’t received your Google Pay referral reward, follow these steps:
Verify Eligibility: Ensure that you have met the terms and conditions of Google Pay’s referral program.
Check for Errors: If you encounter any errors while applying the referral code, verify the referral code or enter a new one.
Wait for Processing: Sometimes the referral reward is credited after some time, so wait for a few hours for the reward to be processed.
Contact Support: If you still do not receive the referral reward even after four to five hours, contact Google Pay customer care support.

what is the Google Pay refer and earn amount?

Refer and earn amount is rs201.

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