Pi network referral code – get 25% extra mining + 1 pi coin on signup

Hey friends, today we have Pi Network digital currency app. It’s been around for years, and you can mine and earn money using your phone. If you also want to earn money through mining, you should download this app. Additionally, the referral program of this app is crucial, so we have provided the pi network referral code below along with some info that will help you increase your mining earnings.

App NamePi Network
Sign-Up Bonus1 Pi coin + 25% increase in mining rate
Referral Bonus25% increase in mining rate
Invite Codedinesh8282oo

What is pi network?

The Pi Network works like a cryptocurrency which can be called as digital currency in simple terms. The best part of Pi Network is anyone can mine Pi coins using their smartphone and earn money.

Pi network referral code Benefits

Mutual Benefits

Both the person who refers the Pi Network referral code and the one who uses it benefits.

Increased Earnings

For example, when you use a pi network invitation code during Pi Network sign up, you will get 1 Pi coin and your mining rate will increase by 25%. And the person who referred you will also see their mining rate increase by 25%. But this benefit is only realized when both of you are mining together.

Enhanced Mining Rate

Thus, both the referrer and the referred user enjoy the benefits through increased mining rates and additional Pi coins.

How to use a pi network invitation code

  • Download the Pi Network app using the link below. Open the app and select enter mobile number.
  • Fill in your password, then name and username.
  • Enter the pi network invitation code and hit submit.
  • Done! The invite code will be applied and you’ll start getting referral credits.

How to Share pi invitation code and Link

  • To share Pi Network with others, open the Pi Network app. Then click on the three-line menu. Click on Referral Team.
  • Scroll down to find the “Invite More” option and click to share your Pi Network referral link with friends.

Pi Network Referral Code Terms and Conditions

Mining Rate Increase:

Both the person using the referral code and the referrer must mine together to increase their mining rates by 25%.

Single-Level Referral Bonus:

Pi is a Single-Level Referral Bonus, meaning only the person who referred you gets the mining bonus when you mine. If you refer someone else, their activity doesn’t affect your referrer’s mining rate.

Prohibited Activities:

Using paid advertising to promote referral codes or using automated systems, bots or scripts may result in account suspension.

Reward Lock-Up Period:

Rewards have a 12-month lock-up period and are issued only if all terms are met.


In short, Pi Network lets you mine cryptocurrency from your phone and that’s super easy. Mine more with the referral program and get more Pi for you and your friends. Download, sign up with a referral code and mine together. Get on Pi Network now and share with others to mine more!


Does the Pi Network app make you money through mining?

You can earn Pi coins through the Pi Network app, which may have value in the future. Pi coins don’t have fiat value yet, but once Pi Network launches and coins trade on exchanges, you can cash them out.

What is a Pi Network referral code?

A Pi Network referral code is a unique code you can share with others to invite them to join the Pi Network. Both you and the person using the code will get benefits like increased mining rates and extra Pi coins.

How does the Pi Network referral program work?

The Pi Network referral program uses a Single-Level Referral Bonus system. So, only the person who directly referred you earn a mining bonus when you mine. If you refer someone else, their activity won’t impact your referrer’s mining rate.

Is Pi Network real or fake?

In our opinion, Pi is a real app. We personally use the Pi Network app and have earned a substantial amount of Pi coins through it. The app also has a good rating on the Google Play Store and has been operational for several years.

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