supwin website – Get ₹51 signup bonus & get up to ₹720,000+ annually

Hey friends, today we are sharing a new earning app where you can earn money by trading colors. Along with color trading you can also earn lakhs of rupees by referring friends. Below we have provided the supwin website referral code for this app and details about its referral program, read below to start earning.

App NameSupWin
Signup Bonus₹51
Referral CodeGOOsHZHl
Referral amountup to ₹60,000+ monthly and ₹720,000+ annually

What is supwin website ?

A color prediction game is a type of guessing game where you have to select a color from options like red, green, blue etc. The app will randomly select one of these colors and if you have selected the same color you will win and earn money.

Benefits of Using the supwin website Referral Code

Tradex Referral Code – Get ₹20 Signup Bonus & Earn 25% Commission This is a great referral program where your earnings increase with each person you refer. You can earn up to ₹720,000 per annum by referring people. Also, the person who signs up using the referral code will get ₹51 sign up bonus in their wallet which they can use to play games.

Below is the table chart for referral commissions so you can see the potential earnings from this referral program.

Agent BenefitsDetails
Referral BonusEarn ₹20 when the first invitee completes the game.- Receive ₹1-₹180 for each invitee.
Agent Crore Cash Plan– Total 1 crore cash rewards for completing level 8 missions.- Up to ₹200 per invite.
Level 3 Permanent Commission Rewards– Level 1: 45% commission.- Level 2: 25% commission.- Level 3: 10% commission.- Invite 50 members to earn ₹60,000+ monthly and ₹720,000+ annually.
Daily Sharing Bonus– Share with VIP 0 members to earn at least ₹0.1 per share.- Share with VIP members to receive at least 10% of the Lifafa amount.
Agent Daily Ranking Rewards-A. Daily Invitation Ranking – Less than 3,000: ₹600/day.- 3,000-10,000: ₹2,000/day.- More than 10,000: ₹10,000/day.B. Daily Income Ranking – Less than ₹10,000: ₹600/day.- ₹10,000-₹100,000: ₹8,000/day.- More than ₹100,000: ₹30,000/day.

How to Get ₹51 on Super Win App Using supwin website referral code

  • Click below link to visit the superwin.
  • now click on signup option.
  • Enter your name, mobile number, Super Win referral code – GOOsHZHl and password.
  • OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Use it to complete sign up.

How to share supwin website referral code?

  • open the website, then click on supwin login option.
  • after that, login in to the account using your mobile number and password.
  • Go to the option of “Invite”.
  • Select the “Me Share Link” option.
  • By selecting this option, you can share the referral code and link across any social media platform, or simply copy and share the link wherever you want.

Below are some reviews we have taken from the internet:

Priya Sharma, 34, Bangalore

“Super Win app is so easy to use and has amazing rewards. Referral system is super simple and works. I signed up with a referral code and got ₹51 instantly. Been earning consistently since then by referring others. Love this app!”

Rajesh Kumar, 42, Delhi

“As a casual gamer, Super Win has exceeded my expectations. Referral bonuses are real and sharing your code is a breeze. Thanks to the referral program I’m earning extra income without much effort.”

Benefits of Using the Super Win App

  • Fast Money Transfer: You can transfer your earnings to bank account, PhonePe, Google Pay or UPI.
  • VIP Levels: You can buy VIP levels in the app. With a VIP level, you get extra commission on every recharge.
  • Weekly Check-in Reward: Check in daily for 7 days and get ₹36.
  • Official Telegram Free Reward: Get ₹71 on official Telegram channel.
  • App Download Reward: Download Super Win app, login, invest once and get ₹10.
  • First Investment Reward: New user gets ₹50 on first investment.
  • First Invitation Reward: Get ₹10 when you invite a new user who registers and invests for the first time.
  • First Recharge Reward: Get up to, ₹4000 extra based on your first recharge amount.
  • First Withdraw Reward: Get ₹10 extra for your first withdrawal.
  • 100 Periods Reward: Get ₹40 for investing 100 times [Only for Bcone].
  • 1000 Periods Reward: Get ₹200 for investing 1000 times [Only for Bcone].
  • 10000 Periods Reward: Get, ₹2000 for investing 10000 times [Only for Bcone].
  • First withdraw ₹5000 Reward: Get ₹500 extra for withdrawing ₹5000.
  • First withdraw ₹20000 Reward: Get extra rewards for withdrawing ₹20000.


supwin website is a fun color prediction game where you can get paid. Use the referral code and you and your friends will get bonuses and rewards, so it’s easy to earn extra. Also remember there is a risk of losing money in this app so if you’re losing more than winning, don’t invest too much. Sign up now and start using SupWin today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SupWin?

A color prediction game to win money.

How do I get the referral bonus?

Join the app using the referral code GOOsHZHl to get ₹51.

What are the VIP upgrade levels?

They mentioned that VIP levels give you extra commission on recharges.

How can I transfer my earnings?

Transfer funds using bank transfer, PhonePe, Google Pay, or UPI.

supwin real or fake?

sup win is real website because I have been using SupWin and my friends and I have won big. The app withdraws smoothly and has a secure environment with high level encryption to protect user data and transactions.

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