BatBall11 referral code get ₹50 on signup and 50 on each referral

Fantasy gaming has revolutionized the way sports enthusiasts engage with their favorite games. Among the myriad of fantasy gaming apps available, BatBall11 stands out with its unique features and user-friendly interface. In this article, we’ll dive deep into BatBall11, exploring its features, how to get started, and most importantly, how to maximize your rewards using batball11 referral code.

batball11 referral codeBB11A01630640
Signup BonusRs. 50
Referral AmountRs. 50

Understanding BatBall11

Playing bat ball fantasy app involves creating one’s own fantasy team and challenging friends to head-to-head competition in multiple games. This is through having a number of prize tournaments and large cash rewards for the champions, making playing the game exciting for the novice as well as the elite one.

  • Sign-up Bonus: As for beginners, it offers them a registration bonus of up to 50 to help them get started in the world of fantasy games.
  • Customizable Teams: This always helps to keep the ownership of the gaming concept fresh and interesting for the users by allowing them to make and change their teams in a fantasy cricket format.
  • High Winning Chances: With less competition, users have a better chance of winning in the prize pools.
  • Refer & Earn Scheme: The existing ability of users to invite friends to the app and get extra money can be expanded on.

What is a BatBall11 Referral Code?

The batball11 referral code is a unique identifier that you can use to invite friends to the platform and get extra bonuses. When someone signs up on BatBall11 using a referral code, both you and your friend get extra rewards in your Game Wallets. Specifically, your friend gets a Rs. 50 bonus right when they register. Plus, you’ll also get Rs. 50 once your friend deposits Rs. 20 into their wallet. This setup encourages everyone to get involved and makes the gaming experience even better.

How to Use a BatBall11 Referral Code

Using a BatBall11 referral code is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  • It only requires the use of a referral code to enjoy BatBall11 benefits. Follow these steps to get started:Follow these steps to get started:
  • Download the App: download the batball apk from the link below.
  • Register Your Account: Try opening the batball11 apk or clicking on the next button and then, the start button. To create an account, click on ‘Register’ Once inside the Sign-in page, you will choose ‘Register’.
  • Enter Your Details: Enter your mobile number, email ID, full name, password, and desired team name on the registration page. Type in the code ‘BB11A01630640 ‘ on the registration page so you can have additional money in your game wallet.
  • Verify Your Account: In case you do not receive an e-mail or if you do not wish to receive e-mail, we will send a One-Time Password (OTP) on your mobile number. At the end, fill in the OTP sent to your phone number for verification of the account.
  • Start Playing: But once verified, you can begin participating in fantasy games and be rewarded.

Maximizing Your Rewards with BatBall11 Referrals

To make the most out of BatBall11’s referral program, consider the following tips:To make the most out of BatBall11’s referral program, consider the following tips:

  • Share Widely: Ensure to advertise your referral code on social networking sites, gaming sites and to friends and relatives.
  • Highlight Benefits:To sum up, I’d recommend highlighting the Rs. 50 sign-up bonus and the potential for attracting a lot of new users thanks to the platform’s simple layout.
  • Regular Reminders: It will be useful to remind your friends about the given benefits and the opportunity to get referral bonuses as often as possible to stimulate the growth of the number of users.

Important Terms and Conditions of BatBall11 Referral Program

  1. Eligibility: Both the referrer and the referred must be registered users of BatBall11.
  2. Bonus Distribution: New users get Rs. 50 when they sign up with a referral code; referrers get Rs. 50 once the new user deposits Rs. 20.
  3. Deposit Requirement: The referred user needs to deposit at least Rs. 20 for the referrer to receive their bonus.
  4. Unique Code Usage: Each referral code is unique and can only be used once per new user registration.
  5. Fraud Prevention: Any fraudulent activity or misuse will result in disqualification and possible account suspension.

By sticking to these terms, everyone can enjoy a fair and rewarding experience in the BatBall11 referral program.


Q1: What is the benefit of using a referral code on BatBall11?

A: Using a referral code on BatBall11 gives both you and your friend a Rs. 50 bonus.

Q2: Can I modify with the referral code after the registration?

A: You cannot change your referral code after registration because it is linked to your account the moment the code is entered during the registration process.

Q3: Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to BatBall11?

A: The Refer & Earn scheme is constantly going on, and there is no maximum limit to the number of referrals you can make to continue earning indefinitely.

Q4: how can one differentiate whether the referral was successful or not?

A: The bonus amount will be credited to your Game Wallet and you will receive a notification once the referred user completes firstly, the registration process and secondly, the verification process.

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