Samco refer and earn 2024 – get ₹2000 gift voucher

If you are looking for the dermat account app that offer good referral amount, then your wait is over because today we have come up with the samco refer and earn demat account by using which people can earn rs2000 gift voucher on each referral and many more benefits which we have explained below.

What is the samco demat app?

By using this app people can open samco demant account and can avail the services like stocks, Mutual Funds, Stock SIP, IPO and ETF’s etc.

Procedure of making free demant account on samco trading app & get demat amc for free

Before using the samco refer and earn program, you have to make samco demat account. So that by creating an account on this app, you can get free demat account and demat AMC for one year.

  • Download the samco app from the below link
  • After the app is downloaded in your phone, open it.
  • Now register on the app by using your mobile number then fill your pan card number and date of birth then click on the next option.
    fill your pan card number
  • On the next page, select your income and occupation detail, then proceed further.
  • Now fill your email ID, then verify your email ID by using OTP verification method.
  • After verifying your OTP, enter your saving bank account details.
  • now choose the preferred option, then enter the samco referral code RA38049.
    fill the samco referral code
  • Now upload your photo and upload your valid address proof, then click on the next option.
  • At last, complete your KYC detail by using your Aadhaar card number.
  • After completing your KYC detail, your samco account opening application submitted, then you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours. After this you will get confirmation email by the account opening status.
  • When your account is successfully opened, then open the samco app, then login with your valid details.
  • After login into the app, you will get the free demat account and demat amc for one year.

How to refer people in samco app

  • Open the samco app, then click on the profile option and copy your client ID.
    profile icon
  • Now open the below link, then samco referral link generator website will open.

Benefit of by using samco refer and earn

  • When you refer people to samco app, then you can earn gift voucher ₹2,000 on each referral, and you can also earn 10% Brokerage sharing from your Friends’ trades for the lifetime.
  • The person referred by you will get free Demat account and Demat AMC for 1 year.

Important instruction of samco refer and earn program

  • When the person referred by you invests ₹ 2000 within 30 days, then in such a situation you will get a gift voucher of ₹ 2000. If the person referred by you invests less than ₹2000 or makes partial payment, then in such case you will not get the gift voucher of ₹2000.
  • The person you refer should not have had an existing account on the samco app before.
  • When you successfully refer someone, you will receive it on your registered email ID within 7 days.

Tips for Success: Maximizing referral potential in samco app

  • Always share your referral link on that social media groups or to those friends who are interested in demand account trading.
  • Try to encourage your referral to invest minimum Rs 2000 in samco app to earn referral rewards. For example, you can encourage your referral by explaining the benefit of the samco app, enabling them to invest their funds effortlessly.


samco refer and earn program provides an excellent opportunity to earn money by referring also by investing in Demat account. But the amount of the referral program or term and condition of the samco app can be changed any time, so that take benefit from this app now.


What is the referral amount on samco trading app?

When you successfully refer your friend in samco app then you can earn, rs2000 gift voucher on each referral and 10% brokerage sharing from your friend’s trade for lifetime.

How will I know if my referral was successful and how many days it took to get a referral reward?

When you successfully referred a person in samco app then you will get confirmation email from them then your reward will process to within 7 days.

Why I did not receive the referral amount in samco app?

The main reason of not getting referral amount is your referral person do not completed the samco app’s term and condition of referral program, or he already had account with samco app.

what is the samco app referral code?

The samco app referral code is RA38049.

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