Download Rummy Meet APK – Get ₹51 Signup Bonus & 30% Referral Commission

Hello Friends, We are back with a new gaming app where you can play and earns money. Today we are talking about the Rummy meet app. Here you can play rummy and win lots of money. Here you will play with real players at real-time. You can also get a 10% bonus on adding money by using our Rummy meet Referral Code: 4119526 at the time of signup. You will also get ₹51 as a signup bonus.

Pros and Cons of Rummy meet


  • Reward System: My favorite thing is that the app gives us a reward next to YouTube. This is something that can draw me to vlogging as it enables me to share my gaming life as well as giving me a chance to earn some money on the side.
  • Bonus Offers: Get a huge sweet sign on of ₹51 and a 10% money needing with a referral code.
  • Referral ProgramRefer to others and get 30% commission, our new way of making amazing money.
  • Lucky Spin Wheel:  spin the wheel feature is an extra element that I love. It always puts me in a good mood and has become one of my favorite rituals to spin the wheel before starting the day.


  • Performance Issues: I have experienced occasional delays and crashes, particularly occurring towards the busier hours. There is a lot of anger in video games when the game is in the middle.
  • Lack of iOS Version: There’s no iOS version out yet, so it’s trouble if you’re Apple device owner.
  • Ads and Pop-Ups: The app is overloaded with ads and pop-ups, and this disturbing the app.
  • Confusing Referral System: The referral procedure could be eased up as well. So complicated it is to understand how the bonuses are calculated and how to monitor them.
  • Customer Support: The customer support cold feel. The chatbot is useful, but issues, such as, when you need it to be an actual human to answer your questions, the response time is quite slow.

How to Download the rummy meet apk

For getting started with Rummy meet app, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • firstly, click on the download link below to start download the apk.
  • Now install the app and open it.
  • Here you have to click on Register Button.
  • Enter your Details like name and email id.

Rummy meet Referral Code – 4119526

  • Enter your mobile number and verify it by OTP.
  • After verifying your number, you have to create a password.
  • Now you will redirect to the Homepage.
  • Done, your account is created successfully on Rummy meet.
  • You will get ₹51 in your Rummy meet Wallet.

For iOS

The app right now is only available for android, and there are no further details about launching an iOS version of the app.

Adding or Withdrawing Money in rummy meet app

Adding Money

  • Let us start with the wallet option on the app.
  • Tap “Add Money. “
  • Make a choice between the available payment options and pay either using your card, UPI, etc.
  • Now enter the amount, and buy the product.

Withdrawing Money

  • Proceed to the wallet area.
  • Tap “Withdraw. “
  • Select your withdrawal method, and submit the amount of money you need taken out.
  • Else IF needed, submit your KYC information.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Exactly, transaction fees and limits are considered, depending on the selected type of payment. Make sure that the data which has been entered into your account is correct in order to prevent any delays and rejection.

Extra Perks of Using the rummy meet app

1. Earn Money by Doing Videos on YouTube.

Description: This app rewards users who create videos on YouTube and upload content about the rummy meet app

Benefit:Putting out more and more videos means more money generated. It’s all about engaging users and making the app’s presence more noticeable.

2. Lucky Bill Spin

Description: An additional feature of the app is the “Lucky Spin” which you can spin every round to get extra cash prize.

Benefit: It is a new source of income for the gamers to mainly become the part of the game and interact with the game’s elements directly.

3. Investment giving you 50% Return of New Customers.

Description: All newcomers get half of their deposit back if they lose to begin with.

Benefit: This gives more reassurance to new players and thus they keep on trying the game as they do not have to fear that everything they earned will be gone.

4. Easy Withdrawals

Description: Users can seamlessly access their earnings and transfer their money on to their phone.

Benefit: It provides a time-saving and protectionless service of getting winnings and hence you will be able to receive your money immediately.

5. Referral Rewards

Description: The users win the selected products by referral program.

Benefit: Thus, bringing more users through referrals from friends and family, this factor not only grows the app’s user base but also gives out cool rewards.

6. Hangout with Friends in Chats

Description: The app enables the players to chat live and make calls during the game.

Benefit: It does that by creating a social feature of the game, which in turn makes it more fun and interactive.

7. Cashback Bonuses

Description: The app will reward you with bonuses in the forms of cashbacks.

8. Get Involved In Local Tournaments to Earn Extra Funds

Description: participate in the tournaments and  earn extra money by winning the tournaments.


This is all about the Rummy meet app. Hope you have liked this post. If you have any queries regarding this then you can share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. We will try to answer your every question as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer my friend to this app?

Open the app then click on the profile option then there will be option of refer and earn option by clicking on which you can refer people to this app.

What is Rummy Meet?

Rummy Meet is a new gaming app where you can play rummy against real players in real-time and earn money. The app gives you lots of rewards, bonuses, and referral perks.

Is there an iOS version of Rummy Meet?

No, currently the Rummy Meet app is only available for Android devices.

How do I contact customer support?

you can contact them on there telegram channel.

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