Best ways to earn money from youtube shorts (TOP7)

YouTube is considered the real earning app for creators due to its monetization platform, from which people are earning lakhs of rupees every day. Now YouTube’s shorts are getting the most highlight nowadays. Many YouTubers prefer creating shorts over the whole YouTube video because people like watching short content more than long ones. The main reason for its use by different creators is that it can help in earnings without having a lot of content in the creator’s channel.

The idea of youtube shorts earning surprised many people because they don’t need a long content idea to earn through YouTube. There is not only one way to earn money from youtube shorts, many other ways exist, and here we are going to discuss the top ways only.

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Unlock Your Earnings Potential: Multiple ways to earn money from youtube shorts

Choose your right strategy:

Right strategy is very important when you are working on a short YouTube content. It is all about creating small but impactful pieces of content. You can take various ideas from different places. Always try to create content that attracts people, is currently in trend, and gives them some unique knowledge. You can try different ideas to see which one gets the best response, and then start working on that idea.

Sponsored videos:

Different brands can sponsor your content for their advertisements. They look for creators who have a good interactive audience, and the shorts are getting a good number of responses.

You don’t need to show your face to talk about any brand; you just need to be a little creative. It’s the easiest way that people use to earn money from youtube shorts.

The chance of getting sponsored videos that are related to your YouTube shorts niche is very high, and that’s why selecting the right niche or topic is very important.

Go for affiliate programs:

Affiliate marketing is the powerful way to generate youtube shorts earning. In which people can sell ecommerce company’s product in YouTube shorts by joining their affiliate program.

Begin by creating a YouTube channel centered around the particular niche of the affiliate product, after that try to get as many views as possible on the YouTube Shorts channel. After this, you can promote and sell affiliate products on YouTube shorts videos.

YouTube shorts monetization (YouTube partner program)

youtube introduce the youtube shorts monetization for the youtube shorts channel’s owner by which people can earn money by monetization the youtube short channel. But to monetize the youtube shorts videos people must have to complete youtube shorts monetization criteria. After completing eligibility criteria, people can start earning money from the first day.

If you want to learn more about the youtube shorts monetization rules 2023 then you can follow below guide

to complete youtube shorts monetization minimum criteria in which user must have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours view in video and the YouTube short channel must have 10 millions public shorts views in the last 90 days.

YouTube channel must have the original shorts with high quality content are available to monetize.

Earn money from Youtube shorts fund

One of the useful features of YouTube is its youtube shorts fund scheme. It aims to make it a little easier for users to generate youtube shorts earning. But Unfortunately there is no direct way to apply for YouTube Funds as YouTube tends to select YouTube Shorts channels that have more views and engagement. So to get youtube shorts fund, people have to publish high quality and engaging content.

Make money by selling merchandise and courses

If you are a social media influencer, it is very easy for you to sell merchandise and courses to your audience. For this, you can launch a website or app, where you can host your products.

After this, you can promote your products and courses by creating short videos. After making short videos on products, there are high chances that people who are influenced by you will start buying goods and courses from you.

Earn money by promoting other people’s channels

There are many people who are struggling to get views on their YouTube channel. Due to which, many YouTube channel owners look for such YouTube short channels which can promote their channel. That is why if you have a YouTube short channel with millions of views and subscribers, then you will keep getting offers to promote YouTube channels, from which you can charge good amount by promoting it.

Final Thought:

There are additional ways to make money with YouTube Shorts that can help you make a little extra money. But The topics we have covered are the most well-known and well-chosen ways to start making youtube shorts money. So we highly recommend using the ways that we mentioned in our article.


How many views on youtube shorts to get paid?

In order to start earning from youtube shorts, a minimum of 1000 views is required.

how much youtube shorts pay for 1 million views?

The potential earnings from YouTube shorts are influenced by the specific niche and country because some niches have high earning potential and others don’t Consequently, the income generated from 1 million views on YouTube can vary significantly for short video channels. Similarly, youtube shorts channels get views from Tier 1 country are generated more income as we compare to tier 3 countries. If we estimate the earnings from 1 million views, then it probably up to $500 to $100 from the tier 1 country.

Can I earn money from youtube shorts

yes, people can earn money from youtube shorts videos using multiple ways.

how to apply for youtube shorts fund?

Sadly, YouTube does not provide a direct way to apply for YouTube Funds, as YouTube automatically awards shorts funds to channels that produce high quality and engaging YouTube Shorts content.

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