(Best ways) How to earn from Facebook page in 2024

Do you have already a Facebook page, or you want to make a Facebook page, but you did not know How to earn from Facebook page? if so, you’ve come to the right place. Because today, we’ll discuss explore the most effective methods for through which you can earn money by doing simple steps.

Different ways to earn from Facebook page

Building Your Audience

Building the right audience through the Facebook page can be facilitated by the honest crowd. There will be many activities with a greater number of followers. To earn money from Facebook page, it’s the first and most basic way to create the right audience for your page. Develop a follower of people who can identify with the goods you sell or the information you produce for financial gain. You can’t even get the proper benefit of monetization if you do not have the right amount of audience.

Here are some basic ways to build a good quantity of audience on Facebook page:

•      Make a Facebook advertisement to draw viewers.

•   Sort the audience according to their degree of education.

•   Start promoting your offering on additional social media networks as well.

•    Pay attention to the workplaces of your primary target audience.

•      Focus on the individuals who have a rationale to buy your contribution.

Monetize facebook page

To earn good amount of money you must have to monetize Facebook page and the Profit relies upon various variables like traffic, reach, commitment, and numerous different things. Facebook sites with a strong understanding of the monetization options can generate hundreds of dollars every day. Here are some main monetization options every person should know before starting:-

How to monetize facebook page?

To monetize facebook page with in-stream ads you have to fulfil the basic requirement of 10,000 followers and must have 6 lakh Minutes watch time in the past 60 days and to monetize with star option you must have 1000 followers and your profile has had 500 followers for Consecutive days, also you have to comply with Facebook policies, Page Authenticity of Your Facebook page.

  • After completing all facebook monetize page requirements then click on three dot line options then click on Professional dashboard option.
    3 dot line option
  • Now scroll down then click on the monetization option, then there will be two options stars and in streams ads.

    stars and instreams ads option
  • now click on “Setup” option, then finalize the configuration for Stars and In-Stream Ads. Once this setup is complete, your Facebook Page will be successfully monetized.

Affiliate marketing and sponsored posts

Using well recognized blogs or other marketers to publicize their service is known as affiliate marketing. Dealers utilize the subsidiary or reference program to expand their deals. A performance-based activity is affiliate marketing. You can utilize affiliate marketing showcasing to advance your items, or you can be a partner advertiser to bring in cash as a commission.

Ways of doing affiliate marketing on the Facebook page:

  • Establish the Facebook page: Start working on your followers. Post content that is relevant to other people or businesses.
  • Form the group: The best way to deal with collaborate with your audience and share content from your website is to create a Facebook group.
  • Become a member of the groups: Get added to the groups that match with your niche. Those groups include people who can join your channel and show their interest in your website.
  • Use Facebook Ads: It’s the quickest and most effective  way to get real customers for affiliate marketing. You can promote the links in ads; you have to create a proper blog or post for promotions.
  • Interact with the audience: The audience needs a way to stay in touch with you and your content at all times. Interacting with the audience is a must.

Creating and selling products

Facebook shopping pages enable product sales. Additionally, they can also make and sell their courses on Facebook. To sell something in a shop, it should be something actual. It’s a popular way in which people choose to earn with the help of Facebook because there’s a huge audience that can buy those products in good amounts. You can also sell the services, but in different sections, by advertising them.

Strategies for product sales on the Facebook page:

  • Do market research: Market research will help in creating banners or posts for the product according to the needs of customers. Check where the customers mostly go and what they usually like.
  • Utilize Facebook Shop to sell: It’s a tool on Facebook that people can use to sell their physically available products. They can chat with the customer or easily set the price of their product.
  • E-commerce platforms: It’s simple to link apps like Shopify and BigCommerce to your Facebook page. You can sell the items on those Internet business applications and afterward associate them to Facebook for additional clients.
  • Go for the marketplace: The Facebook marketplace is a bit different from others. Here, you can’t straightforwardly associate with your purchaser or with the dealer. You can look up the product online to find out more details about it or the vendor. You can designate your own area as a merchant and then list your products using categories.

Maximizing Earnings from Your Facebook Page: Key Strategies

Engaging Content Strategy:

Always try to make good and high quality content that will make the audience to engage with your content longer time, so as a result facebook algorithm always push that page which have engaging audience.

Strategic Partnerships:

When your Facebook page has good number of follower than try to reach out to digital marketers and approach them for paid promotions on your page, or you can directly contact with brands in order to get sponsorship deals for their products.

Data Analytics and Insights

Always analyze your Facebook insights and peak posting times, then post your content on that time when you have higher number of reach to people.

Diversification of Revenue Streams:

Discover different ways to generate income on your Facebook page, such an affiliate marketing, exclusive memberships etc.

Adherence to Policies and Guidelines:

Always follows the Facebook monetization policy because if your Facebook page will not follow the Facebook policy then you will face page restriction or penalties.


Making a Facebook page and monetizing it is the great opportunity to make money on social media platform, but you must follow the key parameter to earn money from Facebook page like build a Strong Community, Stay Compliant with Policies, Diversify Revenue Streams, maintain the content quality and Adapt to Trends etc. By combination of these principles will transform your Facebook page into a valuable source of income, remember success may take time so be patient and do your work regular.


How can I earn $500 every day on Facebook?

 Always try to do affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling products or services. In order to  earn $500 every day.

How do I earn money from Facebook page likes?

Facebook does not allow you to make money by Facebook page likes, but Focus on monetization methods like sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or selling products relevant to your page’s niche.

What is the Facebook monetization criteria?

To monetize your Facebook videos t you have to complete the eligibility criteria for the Facebook partner program. In which you have to complete at least 10 thousand  followers and 6 lakh  minute views on your video in the past 60 days.

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