How to earn money from rooter app in 2024

Rooter App is an Indian gaming and esports platform in which amusing meets the possibility to earn money. This guide will help you understand how to earn money from rooter app, it is giving you the steps to show your love for gaming and engagement into real Paytm cash.

What is Rooter App?

Rooter is a great application where you may do plenty of gaming stuff. You can watch recreation streams, join esports competitions and watch fun gaming stuff. Also, you could connect with others those who love gaming and create your personal gaming content material.

How to Download and Register in Rooter App

To start your Rooter adventure could not be less difficult.

Here’s what you need to do on Rooter

  • Download the rooter earning app: Go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Change (for Android) for your cell smartphone, or you can use the below link to download the app.
  • Install the app: Find Rooter in the app save and download it for your device.
  • Creating an account: When you start Rooter app, join in different methods on loads of smartphones or the use of your social media account.
  • Explore the platform: After you have got logged in, why no longer pop over to the app? Have a look round and get a feel for how it operates, along with what kinds of things can be finished there.

How to earn money from rooter app?

Rooter app earn money methods are various, below we have discussed the most popular methods that surely works.

Participating in challenges

Joining in challenges on Rooter is a blast! They have got all styles of fun contests going on regularly, protecting one of a kind video games and sorts of leisure.

These demanding situations are a first-rate way to earn rooter free coins, that are like virtual cash you may use to get actual Paytm cash.

You can take part in quizzes, prediction contests, fan wars (supporting your favorites), or even cool innovative stuff like cosplay competitions (in which you dress up as characters).

By getting involved in these challenges, you may gather lots of Rooter cash and unlock super rewards.

  • Watching Stuff: Hang out and watch your favorite streamers or esports suits. Just with the aid of being active and looking, you may gather cash progressively. It’s like a praise for tuning in!
  • Making Stuff: You can upload gameplay videos, circulate your personal gaming classes, or share guidelines and hints. The extra those who like, view, or proportion your content material, the greater coins you earn. It’s a neat way to get noticed and earn rewards!
  • Recommended Friends: Do you have friends who love gaming as a good deal as you do? Invite them to join Rooter! When they join via your referral, you get bonus coins. And you get greater cash!
    Refer and earn apps in rooter app
  • Daily Tasks: Rooter additionally gives each day function which are quite easy to do. Things like checking in, claiming bonus cash, and sharing content can upload on your coins every day. It’s an easy way to preserve boosting your coin collection regularly!
    daily tasks in rooter app

How to earn paytm cash in rooter app?

  • after collecting coins, from rooter earning app, it is time to earn rewards! Here’s how you may flip your hard-earned cash into a few cool stuff:
  • Paytm Cash: Convert your cash to Paytm coins immediately! In this manner, you could transfer it in your Paytm pockets right now. It is excellent because you could use it for online purchasing, mobile recharge or any transaction you want to do online.
  • Game Goodies: If you’re into games like free fire, BGMI, or PUBG Mobile, you may use your cash to get in-sport stuff like Diamonds or UC Cash. These goodies can stage up your gaming experience and help you get beforehand inside the games you love gambling.
  • Gift Cards:Want to treat yourself or someone else? You also can switch your coins for present playing cards from popular brands and stores. It’s like having a piece of free shopping cash that you earned simply via having fun on Rooter!

Tips for maximizing earnings in rooter app

  • Here are a few practical guidelines that will help you to maximize your earning  on Rooter app:
  • Be regular: Get into the habit of the use of the app often. Join challenges, watch content material and create your personal. By staying alive, you may keep the earnings going little by little.
  • Focus on excellent: When you are developing content, it is not just about developing range. Focus on first class! Create films or streams that humans love to look at. The greater engaging your content material is, the greater viewers you may entice, leading to more coins to your pocket.
  • Connect with Others: Engage with the Rooter network! Talk to different users, share your mind, and be a part of discussions. Building a strong network within the network enables you to advantage greater fans. More followers suggest greater human beings watching your content material, because of this extra coins for you.
  • Stay Updated: Keep a watch-out for special activities and restrained-time demanding situations. These activities regularly offer greater methods to earn cash. By taking element in those possibilities, you can notably boost your income.

By following those tips,  you will maximize your incomes potential on Rooter App!


Rooter app earn money methods are the easiest way to make money online,  but we highly recommend using the router app monetization feature because it provided excellent income to the game’s lover.


how to withdraw money from rooter app?

To withdraw money from the Rooter app, follow these steps:

Open your Rooter app.
Go to your profile section and click on the wallet.
If you have the minimum required amount, you will see a ‘Withdraw’ button.
Click on ‘Withdraw’, select your preferred method (Paytm, Bank Transfer etc.) and enter the required details.
Click confirm, and your withdrawal request will be processed.

What are the rooter monetization requirements?

To monetize gaming videos on Rooter App, adhere to the following eligibility criteria:
Content Requirements: Two reels and two videos in the last 7 days.
Followers and Views: Rooter ID must have a minimum of 100 followers.
Reels need 15,000 unique views in the last 30 days.
Videos must accumulate 5,000 unique views within the last 30 days.
Monetization Request Process:
Upon meeting the criteria, submit your Rooter ID for review.
Rooter community team will assess your content.
Once approved, the video monetization feature will be enabled.
Earnings Potential: Activate the monetize feature to potentially earn up to 4000rs per week.

 Is the Rooter app real or fake?

The Rooter app is a legitimate platform. We are currently using this app and have earned a good amount of money from it. Moreover, this app has high ratings on the Play Store and other review websites.

How to see rooter app payment proof?

Below is the rooter  app payment proof.

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