(0 investment) Best quiz earn money apps without investment

quiz earn money apps that pay a lot of money by answering questions in different categories. These apps usually also provide many other ways to earn money along with quiz feature, and we have done a lot of research about these quiz earning apps then we have selected the best apps and these apps are without investment which means that you will not need to spend money on using these apps. So what are you waiting for, try all those apps and start earning money from your mobile today.

(Zero investment) List of the best quiz earn money apps

Best quiz earn money applications

eQuiz app : Earn Cash and Rewards

eQuiz is the best quiz app to earn money that allows people to create and host quizzes by doing customization. Quizzes are asked, but they don’t ask silly types of questions; they ask for quizzes that are educational in nature, which also aids in self-growth. It includes a variety of features, including choices for sharing and embedding quizzes, as well as customized options for questions, response formats, photos, and audio files. Additionally, it offers tools for monitoring the overall performance daily. One of the greatest advantages of this app is that you can make money without having to spend any money.

Earning Quiz

The Earning Quiz is a small, lightweight app that uses very little storage space. In this app, questions of math, physics, or English has to be answered. Even a first-grader can figure out the answers to the questions since they are so straightforward, and you don’t need to spend any money to play those quiz games, so that you can earn money with no investment. The app also gives you the option to spin a wheel and watch videos for some extra earnings. If you score 3 out of 5, you will earn three coins for it.

Tao Competitions app

To improve some language abilities, the Tao app provides a variety of online examinations and competitions based on the CBSE and NCERT curricula. The app will give some interesting prizes in return for the right answer in quizzes, like headphones and much more for free. Additionally, you’ll receive some original daily tasks that will boost the number of coins in your wallet of the platform.

Clapper app

Clapper is the play quiz and earn money without investment that gives free paytm cash to answering simple questions from quizzes. If you are a Bollywood fan or enthusiast, this app is made for you. The app only asks some fun quiz questions about Bollywood and gives a coin in return. All the contests will stay open 24/7, and your withdrawal will also happen quickly. It’s a perfect application for those who are fans of the Bollywood industry. You can also check other people’s testimonials on their official website to know what other people experienced and how well it worked for them.

Survey Spin: Get Paid Cash

If you are looking for best quiz app to earn money in india then this app is one of the preferred choices for those who are looking to earn some additional cash by responding to simple questions. Now, the issue is that it’s not accessible in India, therefore individuals in other nations can only use it. The application gives cash without spending any money through quizzes as well as through different choices like rewards daily, surveys or polls. You can redeem the coins in different accounts or earn some gift cards, which can be used on different platforms.

Bujho to Jane

The app/website was created for educational reasons after that bujho to jane website start giving cash reward to its users. Many students utilize this to supplement their financial aid, as well as for extra income and education. The player must swiftly and properly finish the quiz to win some cash. The top three finishers will each get a large sum of money. It’s an easy-to-use app that rewards users for simple activities. Additionally, the withdrawal procedure happens quite quickly.

Quizy app

Quizy app have play quiz and earn money option using which people can earn money without investing money. One of the comfort features is the application’s simple interface, which makes it easy to play for each player. This app provided quiz question related to cricket match, new movie release, festive seasons etc. then people can withdraw their earning to bank or upi and people can also use the referral program of this app to earn extra free money.

Mchamp trivia quiz App

A quiz on the app helps users get more knowledge and enhances their learning process in general. Bollywood’s quizzes are delivered in video format and include more than 100 themes. You may also play some entertaining games. When you answer questions correctly, you will receive diamonds and some money that may be applied in various ways inside the program. To monitor your performance, you may also view the ranks of other users in your rank bar, that always gets updated every second.

iG Quizzes app

The iG Quizzes app is the famous earning app through which people can earn money by doing simple tasks like by playing math or science quizzes, playing spin & wheel game and by scratching the card. People can also earn by referring; the more they refer, the more they are going to earn. Understanding the app is pretty simple because of its friendly interface and the best part is the there is no need to invest single penny to earn money from this app.


The best quiz app to earn money mentioned by us are highly trusted apps, so you will not face any kind of problem by using these apps. But these apps keep updating over time, so the rewards offered by the app may change over the time. So if you see a change in the prize amount, don’t panic, contact customer care to clarify your issue.

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