Best apps list to play spin & win real money

Most people look for an easy way to earn online. But they are unable to find any real way to earn money online, due to which many people get disappointed. But you do not need to be disappointed, because today we have brought the spin & win real money apps list by using which you can earn easy money.

How does these spin & wheel apps works?

Spin & Win is a luck based game where players choose any random series of numbers, and if their chosen series gets matched with the wheel, they win a big jackpot. The payout amount depends on the number of your dice land. Each player gets their chance at a token, and for replay, they have to pay again.

When you win more and lose less, you can sometimes make more money from it, which motivates players to put in more money. Different applications provide the spin & win wheel gaming experience, and some other apps also add this feature but to make things a little more interesting, they swap out the money for some bonuses.

play spin & win real money apps of 2023

Best spin & win real money apps list

The Jar App

Jar app is a personal finance app that allows people to invest and grow their money in the form of gold. So basically, this is an investment app and the best feature of this app is the spin & win money, where you will get a free spin on every transaction you make in the app. After spinning, you can win cash back and prizes.


  • * Get up to 10 spins as you add money to your Jar App Account
  • * Refer and Earn up to 500rs along with unlimited rewards
  • * Check the latest market of Gold and unlock exciting rewards regularly
  • * Get Cash in your Paytm wallet in case of emergencies

Galo earning:

The legit app not only pays for spinning the wheel but also provides some interesting games or digital tasks to earn a little extra through it.

Amazing features of the application:

  • People can earn more than 240 rupees by just referring to the app.
  • The sign-up bonus is 50 rs.
  • People cane ran more than 300 rupees daily in it.
  • Get some interesting daily rewards.

Gamee Prizes

When we hear the word games, Childhood days seem to surface again. Well, this is the calling of our next app, which we know as Gamee Prizes. The name has been talked about a lot already. The App has 70 plus games with unlimited prizes.

Apart from this, the app has spin wheel and earn money feature using which you can win free cash rewards and if you log in the app continuously for seven days then you are eligible to use the most rewarded wheel of fortune spin.

To mention a few features-

  • * Get $1 as a signup bonus as complements from Gamee Prizes
  • * The Referral Bonus brings $0.1 with 500 tickets
  • * You can always get a payout of $10 at least
  • * The Secret fact is, Gamee Prizes stands out as this is true and legit


DigiWards is the gaming earn money app which gives cash reward by playing different type of games, completing captcha, by completing survey and by using spin wheel option.

Let’s not wait and screen all the features of this exclusive gaming app-

  • Anyone who is 13 years or older can connect on DigiWards
  • The App adds 1000 points when you refer the app to someone
  • To make the game a real fun zone, Captcha Solving gets added to the list
  • Enroll on tasks, complete them and win cash to your Paytm account
  • People can withdraw their earning in PayPal cash, gcash and mobile prepaid recharge.


Creating your personalized ID here unlocks ways to earn money. In this app you can earn money using downloading third party apps, spin the wheel, by scratching the card. The most fascinating part is you can earn 15rs when you refer this app to someone. After this, You can withdraw the winning amount on Amazon pay or UPI ID.

Features of earn reward app

The minimum withdrawal limit of this app is only Rs.50 after that you can withdraw your earning to Amazon Pay or UPI ID.

  • New users will get a reward of Rs 20 as signup bonus.
  • You can refer your friend, and you can earn up to Rs.30 on each referral, but the referral has to complete one offer only then you will get the reward.

Play and Win app

If you like playing trivia games, then you will definitely like this app. Because this app has thousands of questions of different categories, by answering which you can earn money along with enhance your general knowledge and this app also offers the facility of
spin the wheel to earn money, using which you can get cash rewards and prizes by spinning the wheel.

App’s Features

  • The app rewards you with 5000 points when you invite two of your friends to beat you in the game.
  • You can withdraw your earning to PayPal wallet

Rewardflix app

rewardflix is the app by using which people can earn money by performing various tasks like spin the wheel to get cash reward, different types of scratch card available by scratching which people can get reward and at last people can earn money by referring their friends.

App features of rewardflix

You can earn Rs50 for each referral, but the referred person must have to complete one scratch card, after that you will receive rs50 referral reward.

Tropical Crush app

The name sounds exciting, and so is the game, for Tropical Crush is an app where you can entertain yourself by playing some fun puzzles, and also you can make some money along with it.
Tropical Crush is the addictive puzzle game in which you will get different types of puzzle to get to solve. After solving this puzzle you can earn real cash reward and the best part of this app is wheel of fortune in which you can spin the wheel to earn money or prizes.

Features of tropical crush app

  • App held weekly draw by participation on this draw you can earn a lot of money.
  • App have wheel of cash option in which you have to spin the wheel continuously for 7 days, after this you can win cash reward.
  • People can invite their friends to earn extra money.

Spin To Win app

Spin To Win is the money earning app by using which you can earn some instant money during your break time of your work.

In this app, you can earn free paytm cash by using spin & win real money feature of the app.

Feature of spin to win app

  • People can earn money by using three different method like by scratching the card, spinning the wheel and by completing random task.
  • Open the app daily to earn some extra reward.
  • People can refer their friends to earn money.
  • Spin & win money earned from this app is withdrawable to paytm wallet.

Tap Coin

Tap Coin is the another app where you can earn money by playing games, by spinning the wheel, answer surveys. After completing survey or games then you will be rewarded points, after this these points can be redeemable into PayPal cash.

Features of Tap Coin

Daily check in reward is available in the app, but to get this reward, you have to visit the app’s platform daily to checking the daily activities going on in the app.

User experience: What makes these apps stand out?

You won’t be duped by any fake apps because all of the apps we covered here are legitimate. For their work, these apps received certification. It’s an investing game, you should know that this app is not going to give you anything free in return.

Some users experience that they are given a lot of time to use these apps, but that’s how it works. To receive money in return, you must invest time. The main distinction between this app and others is that it offers two ways to earn: spinning and referring, typically.

Users experienced that they don’t have to put much effort into knowing the skills of the game because, in this case, they just have to spin, and then all things depend on their luck or the game they chosed.

Payment options and withdrawal process: Getting your winnings

To withdraw your winnings from these applications, you should follow this standard procedure:-

  • Step 1: Gather the required minimum withdrawal amount, which varies depending on the app.
  • Step 2: Now click on a withdrawal option and then fill in some basic details, as it can ask for an UPI ID, bank details, and the payment number.
  • Step 3: After filling in the details, fill in the withdrawal amount.
  • Step 4: The app will ask for confirmation in your Paytm or any other application you are using.
  • Step 5: Give the permission, and then your withdrawal will get transferred instantly. In some cases, withdrawing can take days, but it also depends on what application you are choosing.


The apps mentioned by us are extremely well researched apps, and we have personally tested these apps, then we have presented list of best spin & win real money apps. The apps have provided various cash rewards and offers, but these offers can be changed at any time by the owner of the apps. As a result, in the future, you may see some changes on the bonus amount of apps.

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