(Top21) Real Money Earning Apps & Websites in India 2024

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money, but due to lack of resources, many people are not able to earn money online. That is why today we are going to give complete information about real money earning apps & money earning websites in India without investment, By using which you can earn money online by working part-time or full time.

Below we have given complete information about all the money earning apps and websites, from which you can start earning money by selecting your favorite apps & websites.

Real Money Earning Apps & Websites in India 2024 List

Moo Cash App

moo cash is a popular real cash earning apps in India from which you can earn money without investment. In this app many tasks are found like by watching funny videos, watching ads, downloading third party apps, following other people’s social media accounts etc. In this app, coins are given after completing every task, then these coins

Best things about moo cash app.

  • Electronic gadgets can be won in lucky draws from this earning game app. Money earned from this app can be withdrawn in paper account, skrill, bitcoin wallet, mobile recharge, Payoneer account. Referral earning program is available in moo cash app, through which 20 coins and 10% commission is given on per referral for 1 year.

Rewardr app

rewardr is the best earning app without investment in india by which you can earn money everyday by playing paytm cash earning games, downloading third party apps, playing quizzes and completing surveys. There are different high paying offers for every country in the Rewardr app, through which people of every country can earn more.

Best things about Rewardr app

  • The money earned from this app is withdrawn in free Paytm cash or Paypal money.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit in Rewardr app is $2, from which even less money can be withdrawn.
  • Money can be easily earned by completing tasks related to apps, earning games, surveys, quizzes etc.
  • Daily check in rewards are available in this app.
money earning apps

SquadStack app

SquadStack is the best money earning apps in India from which Thousands of rupees can be earned every day by doing work at home, in this app different types of tasks related to companies like Upstox, Delhivery, Razorpay, Classplus, Edelweiss are available. Points are awarded after completing these tasks, which can be withdrawn in Paytm Wallet.

For example – after making phone calls to other people, you have to convence them to open a demand account.

Important things related to SquadStack app.

  • You must know Hindi and English language to work in this app.
  • People having experience of finance / fintech and tellecalling can easily earn money by working in this app, because SquadStack app gets more tasks related to finance and tellecalling.

Best things about SquadStack app.

  • With the SquadStack app, you can earn more than ₹ 12000 by working just 4 hours a day.
  • The person working in this app gets health insurance, performance-based bonuses.
  • Thousands of rupees can be earned every day without investing money in this app.
squadstack real money earning apps in india

Lemonop app

If you are looking for best earning app without investment, then you must try Lemonop app once. Because in this app different categories of freelancing jobs are given like travel, food, coding, photography, quizzing etc., by completing which money can be earned every day. This is absolutely free app, you do not need to invest in it.

Best things about Lemonop app.

  • The feature of first job is available in Lemonop app, through which you can easily get your first job.
  • Different types of Gigs list are available in this app, so that you can choose your favorite part-time job.
  • Twyne contest is available in Lemonop app, after participating in which money can be earned by sharing achievements, skills, ideas with other people.
  • Interior designer jobs, Coding Internships, Event volunteer gigs, Java, C++ engineer jobs, Business Development Jobs, Part-time computer trainers, Data management jobs etc. are available in the lemonop app.

shop101 app

shop101 is a reselling business money earning apps, in which any person can sell the products of shop101 by setting margin as per his wish, so that money can be earned every day without any investment. Apart from this, after creating your own online store in this app, you can earn money by selling products.

Best things about shop101 app

  • shop101 refer and earn is available, in which up to ₹ 200 are given per referral.
  • In this app, weekly bonus is given with some condition.
  • Thousands of products are available in shop101 at cheap prices, which makes it easy to sell these products.
best earning app without investment


Money can be earned without investing by doing Affiliate Marketing in extrape app, in which more than 200 ecommerce websites are available. On sharing the product links of these ecommerce websites with other people, when another person buys these products, then different commission is given on each website.

Best things about extrape app

  • Refer and earn option is available in extrape app, in which 10% commission is given on per referral.
  • The money earned from this app is transferred to the bank account.

Survey Junkie app

We have selected this app in the list of best earning apps without investment because you can earn thousands of rupees everyday by completing surveys in Survey Junkie app, be it travel, tech or even financial products in this app. Related surveys are available. Each survey can take a minimum of 5 minutes or a maximum of an hour to complete.

Best things about Survey Junkie app

  • The money earned from this app is withdrawn in paypal account, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Starbucks, Visa, iTunes etc.
  • After signing up in the Survey Junkie app, the reward is given for completing the profile details.

glowroad app

glowroad is the best money earning app in india by using this app you can earn money by reselling products. which has been recently purchased by amazon company. Thousands of products are available to resell in glowroad app, you can keep margin as per your wish while reselling the product.
When a person successfully buys a product resold by you, the margin amount set by you gets credited in glowroad app. Then this amount can be transferred to the bank account.

Best things about this glowroad app

  • Referral program is available in glowroad app, in which up to ₹ 300 are given on per referral.
  • The money earned from this app gets withdrawn in the bank account or upi wallet.

pocket charge app

Pocket charge app is best online earning app, from which pocket money can be earned. Money can be earned in this app by downloading third party apps, apart from this referral program is also available in the app, from which ₹ 10 can be earned per referral.

Best things about this pocket charge

  • The money earned from this app gets withdrawn in the form of free Paytm cash.
  • This is a daily earning app, using which money can be earned by downloading apps everyday.

Cashfox App: Earn Cash Everyday

We have placed cashflox in the list of top earning apps because by using this Money can be earned easily by downloading different types of apps in the cashfox app, no investment will be required to earn money from this app. Apart from this, the option of Refer and Earn is available in the app, in which 500 coins are given per referral, then these coins can be withdrawn in free paytm cash or google play voucher.

Best things about cashfox app

  • In this money earning application, you can earn money by downloading 20 to 30 apps every day.
  • The money earned from the cashfox app is withdrawn in the Paytm account within a few minutes.

Earning Website without Investment list


sidehustlestack is the online earning website without investment, There are different types of gig work offered on the Side HustleStack . There are many categories of work available on this website like Content Creator, Podcaster, content writing work, Sales Person, Teacher etc. Money can be earned by joining any of these categories.

How to earn money from this website:

After opening the website, scroll down and select your favorite gig and start working on it. By doing this, you will continue to get regular income.

Click Worker

Clickworker is a popular online trusted website. It’s a platform for those, who like writing, translating, or doing data entry work. The website provides a different task to the internet candidates, and those candidates are click workers.

How to earn money from this website:

People can do tasks according to their schedules. If the task that they completed gets accepted, they also get paid for it. Completing different writing tasks helps to earn some money without investment.

money earning websites


ToloKa website gives some simple tasks related to the services or products and pay real paypal money. People can complete this task from any place in very little time. After earning money by completing tasks than that money can be withdrawn to paypal account, mobile recharge, skrill wallet or other wallet.

Best thing about ToloKa website

It is an earning website without investment, and people can earn around $0.20 from each task. The only thing the user needs to do is complete some small tasks


This is another online earning platform. To earn money on this website, you have to create short links. If traffic will come on these short links, then your income will start. Apart from this, referral program is also available on the website, in which 20% lifetime commission is given on per referral.

Best thing about Shrinkme website

People can earn more than $5 by doing the work of making links short, which is present in huge amounts. People can withdraw $5 but not less than that.

earning website without investment


Photostudy is the best website among educational money earning websites. This website is for those people who are experts in some specific subjects and can do the homework of other students. Sometimes students do not have much time to do homework, or they do not know how to complete the homework, so they can take the help of experts with the help of this online earning site.

How to earn money from Photostudy:

Tutors give answers to their students and do their homework, so students give some amount of money to them for this. Doing the homework for students is the only way of earning on the website.


ETSY also come on some popular money making websites. It provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers. Here, people can sell their handmade products, crafts, art and many more things.

How to earn money from this website:

People can earn money on this platform by selling their things, like winter handmade clothes. The website does not ask for any investment for selling. 

Become Tutor

Become Tutor website is one of the best money earning websites. If anyone has the interest in teaching or wants to be a tutor, so they can try this website. The website chooses some professional teachers to teach students worldwide.

Best thing about Become Tutor website

in this website, tutors can earn a good amount of money by using their tutoring skills on this platform.

Koo App

Koo is a famous news update and micro-blogging app in India that works like Twitter. It allows its users to interact with others by creating and posting their content on the platform. You can easily earn money from this app by using Koo App every day for 10 minutes.

The Koo app gives you rewards daily but for this, you have to open the app for at least 10 minutes daily to get the reward. On the first day, the app offers 1 INR and the next day 2 INR and the cycle repeats, and rewards increases. You can easily withdraw or transfer all money in your Paytm wallet.


tourphotos.com one of the best money making websites. If you keep traveling to different places, then it will be very easy for you to earn money on tourphotos.com website ,because money can be earned by selling photos related to tourism. Two types of plans are available on this website, such as sell or give.

After selecting the sell plan, photos can be sold and after selecting the give plan, you will get 10 GB to 1000 GB storage to sell the photos, but you will have to spend money to take the give plan.

What Is the Benefit of Using Tourphotos Online Earning Sites

Money can be earned by selling photos on tourphotos.com website, this website charges 19% commission on every sale, then the rest amount will be sent to your bank account.


iwriter is the best online earning platforms for writers. In this earning website, Anyone can earn money without investment by working as a freelance writer. Content writers of many languages ​​are hired on this website, so that the work of content writers can be done in the desired language. The task of writing articles and blog posts is given on this money earning sites.

how to use this money earning websites

To earn money from iwriter online money making site, sign up with your valid information on the website. Then start working on the website by selecting the project of your choice.


There are many daily earn money options are available, from which money can be earned without investment along with entertainment. On this money earning websites money can be earned everyday by playing games, watching videos, reading news, completing surveys.

how to earn money from this website

Earning money from timebucks website is very easy, foremost sign up on the website with valid information. After signing up, you will see different types of tasks, by completing which you can earn money every day.


Friends, today we gave you information about India’s real money earning apps & websites, through which you can earn thousands of rupees every day without investing. The term and condition of the real earning app & money earning websites mentioned by us varies with time, so before using any earning apps & websites, get information about them by visiting their official website.

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