If you have fast typing skills then you can check out the best free typing earning website. Because you can earn good amount of money by using these websites. That websites improve your typing skill but also pay for your efforts. That free typing earning website were picked by us from various trusted sources so that you will get your payment on the time, and also you will be safe from fraud.

Best Free Typing Earning Website of 2023

Free Typing Earning Website OF 2023


Earn by typing is very easy because you just need to learn to type words at a good speed. Upwork is a very popular and common website when it comes to choosing an online earning platform for different skills, and one of them is typing. Speed is essential for data entry professionals or online assistants to efficiently record all pertinent information. Many businesses utilize Upwork to hire high-quality typists for data entry or some kind of transcription services at a price that works for them. People can earn more than five thousand daily by earn money by typing on upwork.

How Upwork works:

The user who is finding typing work on the website first needs to create their account as a service provider on it. Fill in some basic details, like your skill at typing or other information. Choose a good profile image and set your price. Here is one bonus tip: don’t set the price too high if you are just a beginner or do not have much experience in this field to get work.


It’s a popular website for news and content in India. Most people who use the internet know about this platform, even if they don’t use it or visit it. Different articles get posted on different topics. It provides content in different 14 Indian languages, which is a superb thing. The website pays for being a writer on the website, and to be a writer, you need good skills and a good knowledge of typing or article writing.

How DailyHuntworks:

To start to earn money by typing in dailyhunt app, go to the maker part of the DailyHunt. Make a record on a site and fill in the substantial data. Presently, pick a fascinating point and go to the article segment to compose the ideal piece of content that can turn into a web sensation on a site. Your benefits on this site depend on the worth of your material, the number of individuals that watch it, and the amount it acquires in fame.

Writer Bay website

The platform helps typists find the perfect client for themselves, and it also helps clients find the perfect employee for them. The control panel of this website makes hunting for a typing job a little easier to earn some extra cash. The website offers different things, like a supportive team, a variety of jobs, and payments twice a month. As a typist, a person can earn around 3000 dollars per month.

How Writer Bay website works:

Take a little training or quiz after creating an account on the website. Now after creating submit your resume, and finish. You must choose a writing assignment, put your all into it, and then post it for a customer. Your ability to type and write well will determine how much you can charge because of how much you can charge an improvement in proficiency.

Rev website

Rev is a transcription and captioning service available online. The main work is listening and then typing according to the audio. That implies that you’ll have to have serious areas of strength in the English as well as making in sentence structure. To get started, you will need a computer with sound Ability. For a single project, the website provides more than three dollars.

How Rev website works:

Customers who need a video or audio file transcribed or captioned should submit their files to Rev. Those files then become available for Revvers to claim, listen to, caption, transcribe, and submit before receiving payment. People work on a given file and then receive the money for it.


The website is pretty simple; here you just need to write content for clients. The client will post their needs, and you work on them, then they will pay you for it. Different options are available for typing, and you can work on your preferred niche. You can make 17.48 dollars per hour.

How Textbroker works:

Register yourself on a website, and then create your profile and fill in some basic details. Search for a project and work on it. If the client accepts your project, you will receive the money, and then you can work every week.


this is the captcha solving website it provides different types of captcha like text captcha, click captcha and rotate captcha. So basically you have to type captcha for hours, then you can earn lots of money using 2captcha website. This is an excellent website for those who want to earn some extra cash without investing much time or effort. So start type and earn money today by using 2captcha website.

how 2captcha works?

To earn money by typing from 2captcha website, you have to create an account by filling valid details. You will then be given different types of captchas to fill in a given amount of time. Then, after reaching a certain threshold, you can withdraw your earning money into your bank account.


All online typing earning websites mentioned by us are genuine because we handpicked these websites from various sources. But to use these websites you must read their term and condition first Because there are many such important things, which the company mentions only in its term & condition. The most important part is the earnings may not be stable all the time because the earning can vary depending on factors such as typing speed and availability of tasks.

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