How to earn money by sell notes online: Top 5 study Notes Selling Websites

study Notes are usually used for studying purposes, and it’s a very helpful thing that helps during exams. Notes, most of the time, become useless when any student gets upgraded to the next class or the study gets changed. Many people know that notes can also be used as a way of earning some money because they can sell notes online on some platforms.

There are different notes selling websites present on the internet, but not all of them are true and willing to pay you for your study notes.  Very few people have good knowledge about genuine websites because finding them is not easy at all. Here, we’ll only talk about websites that are 100 percent legitimate and will pay you for your precious study notes.

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Five Top study Notes Selling Websites:      

Oxbridge Notes:

As per the site creator, individuals can make around 20,627.03 rupees in a single year without any problem. The site requests pre-endorsement to get a place as a seller, and they don’t acknowledge manually written notes. The application gives different options of earning because you can’t only earn through notes, but also through tests or other useful study content.

Study Soup:

In study soup website, you just have to apply to be a member of the note taker feature. The site will request some very basic data, similar to your complete name, school name etc. after registering the website you can start selling your class notes or study guides. After this, Upon downloading and selling, a commission of 50% will be awarded to you.

Nexus Notes:

You can transfer many things on this site which are useful like study notes, summaries, course guides, and lots of others. You can upload the work that you have created for a selling purpose to procure some basic earnings.

You can earn in two ways on this website, first, according to the views on your notes, and second, by reading the notes of other people.  This site just acknowledges notes from Australia, New Zealand, and the US of America. If you are not from these places, this website is not for you.


It’s another type of website that makes selling for you a little quick and simple. Now simply upload any study notes, like college notes and choose your price to get things going, and Notesale will take care of the rest.

You decide your rates, and Note sale collects some data about the study notes you’re uploading before saving them in PDF format for downloading by other users.

To start selling click on the sell icon then you’re ready to go with sell notes and earn money online.


Your study notes may earn hundreds of dollars or sometimes nothing at all because in majority of websites pay according to the views. It is good to know precisely how much you are being paid for your notes, since OneClass, offers you a fixed cost for giving notes for particular classes.

Here, you’re not going to return with empty hands, which makes this website more special. You must, however, apply as a notetaker for a particular course if you want to sell notes to OneClass. Additionally, you receive a letter of recommendation that you may use when applying for employment in the future, and this will become a star in your CV or will help you in gaining different opportunities.

Procedure of sell notes online to earn money

  • to sell your study notes online, first create an account by selecting any of the websites we have mentioned above.
  • After this, read the terms and conditions of the website carefully, in which full details of the earnings on the sale of notes will be given.
  • Then find the Sales Documents option on that website. After finding upload option you can upload your document but uploading of that document will depend on your internet connection speed.
  • After successfully submitting the documents on the website, the staff of this website will verify the quality of your notes. When staff is confirmed that the quality of the notes provided by you is good enough for the students, then they will approve your study notes to be sold on their website.
  • When any needy person will search about the notes of any subject, then he/she will first request to see your notes as a sample. Then if he likes your notes then he will start the process of buying your study notes from the website.
  • After this the company will take some charge and the remaining amount will be transferred to your account.

Important things to remember before uploading study notes on the website

First read following precaution before uploading study notes, then you are ready to upload notes and earn money.

  • These websites generally support .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .jpg formats.
    Before uploading your study notes to the website, make sure that the quality of your notes is good enough for the readers.
  • Do not upload duplicate or AI generator notes.
  • Always make sure that the language you are using in your study notes is supported by those websites.

Final Thought:

Try each study notes selling websites then choose the perfect one according to your needs, or you can also use all of them if you have a good number of notes. These websites are trusted and are already used by many students or people who are finding a way of little more or extra income. Some websites can give you good earnings, and some can just satisfy your monthly pocket needs. These websites are used by different people belonging to different professions, so there is no age limit or any barrier to this. So what are you waiting for, upload notes and earn money right now!


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