Top ways to earn money from telegram (10++ ways)

Do you have a telegram account, but you did not know how to earn money from Telegram? If so, allow us to provide a brief explanation method to earn money from telegram, which we are also personally using, and we have earned good amount of money by using telegram groups and channels.

earn money from telegram

Best ways to earn money from telegram 2024

Telegram money earning subscription groups

In Telegram, channels can be divided into two separate categories. Alternatively, if you possess a special talent or expertise, there is a way for you to make money by teaching others your skills.

To do so, you will need to create a private group on Telegram and determine an entry fee for joining this group. By implementing this approach, you can earn income through the collection of fees from individuals who wish to join your Telegram group.

Refer and Earn Commission

Another telegram earn money way is the Refer and Earn. Most of the time, new brands, Products and services wish to be seen. They look for people who have decent subscribers on Telegram. They ask you to refer their Products and Services to your audience.

As this happens, they make the payment on a Commission basis. Once you are part of Telegram’s money-making ways, this work is nothing in front of your expertise. So, binge on the process and start your telegram earning journey now.

Telegram earning bots

Having a good understanding of coding allows you to develop various bots on Telegram, after that you can sell these bots on platforms like Flippa for monetary gain.

Channel Promotions and Brand Promotions-

Telegram has turned into the hotspot where you can share your views and reviews. There many people understand their interests and niche to grow as a community.

This makes it suitable for brands to collaborate. Most of the time, the Brand wants you to promote their thoughts on your page. The trick and treat is that you can ask them to pay you for one small post.

To give an example, If you have around 10k Subscribers then, you can ask them to pay more than 5k INR. Moreover, once your audience agrees to support the brand, You can ask for higher prices. This is flawless and money comes looking for you.

Channels pick the same strategy to work. They ask you to promote their account on your page. The reason is very simple. They see you are a well-known face in the industry. So, get on Telegram and start working for your dreams.

Other earning methods to earn money from Telegram groups or channels

Promoted Content

If you have a good amount of followers in your telegram groups or channel, then the Companies or individuals will pay to have their message, product, or service highlighted in your channel or group. It’s a simple and direct method to monetize your following.

Exclusive Content Subscription

Developing exclusive content and charging a subscription fee for access can be a profitable strategy to earn free money on telegram.

Access Fee for Channels

Channels that provide high-value content can implement an access fee for users.

Monetizing Expertise

You can earn money by selling courses, e-books, or offering consultation services through your Telegram channel.

Direct Product Sales

If you have product that fulfill your audience need then you can direct sell that product in your telegram group or channel by doing so you can earn good amount of money by it.

Affiliate Marketing

to earn money on telegram You can participate in a different affiliate programs like amazon, ClickBank and other E-Commerce site’s referral program.  By doing this, you will get a unique affiliated link of the product.  Sharing these links within your network can result in earning commissions from the product purchases.

Sell courses

If you possess expertise in any area, then you can make course in video or audio format  and determine its price for each course and start selling your course  in the group.

Audience Monetization

If you already command a significant Telegram channel or group, think about monetizing it by charging for advertisements, collaborations, or sponsored content6.

While these methods can generate income, maintaining your audience’s trust is critical. Always declare sponsored content or advertisements and ensure to deliver value to your followers.


So far, we have talked so much about telegram earn money strategies. This has given goosebumps to many, seeing the hidden features of Telegram. To be very honest, I got triggered by surprise first as well. But it’s the truth and we shouldn’t miss this.

Add your views and let’s grow as one community to earn money through Telegram.


Can I earn money on Telegram without investing anything?

In order to make money from Telegram, we outline several valuable methods, some of which require a financial investment while others are completely free.

Are there any risks involved in earning money from telegram?

Although there is not much risk from earning money from Telegram, but if you didn’t follow the terms and conditions of Telegram, otherwise your channel or group may be banned.

can I earn money from telegram channel

yes, There are several methods available to make money from a Telegram channel.

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