Q GamesMela Referral Code 2024: Get ₹5 Signup Bonus + Multiple Gaming Opportunities

Do you love playing games? then here we have a great app for Gamers name GamesMela. In this app, you will get to play many HD graphics games and get entertained. Also, you can make money by playing games. The best thing about this app is, through its referral program you can make unlimited cash. Here we have mentioned the referral program and q gamesmela referral code which is quite helpful for you.

App NameGamesMela
Signup Bonus₹5
Referral Bonus₹1 per referral
q gamesmela referral codesDIqUxlE

What is qGamesMela?

q gamesmela win real cash app provides a multitude of variety of multiplayer games to its users, and you can earn money by playing these games. Some of the popular skill based games present in the app are Uno King, Ludo Call Break, Solitaire King, Snake and Ladders, fantasy cricket and many more. The app also provides tournaments and cashback offers to its users which allows them to earn more.

Benefits of Using and sharing a q gamesmela referral code

To New Users

  • Signup Incentive: Every new user that signs up through a q gamesmela referral code gets a ₹5 signup incentive.
  • Bonus Expires: The bonus expires in 7 days, this encourages users to make use of it and not let it expire (by playing games).

To Referrers

Guide to Downloading and Using the GamesMela Referral Code: Earn a ₹5 Bonus

  • Click on the below link and download q gamesmela apk file.
  • After downloaded, install the application in your device.
  • After installed, Open GamesMela app.
  • Now enter your details like player name, state, gender and GamesMela referral code – sDIqUxlE.
  • Next page will ask your mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • You will receive OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile.

How to Get a Q GamesMela Referral Code

  • Start by opening the GamesMela app on your device.
  • Once the app is open, the dashboard will be displayed.
  • Scroll down the dashboard until you see the “Refer Your Friends” banner.
  • Click on the “Refer Your Friends” banner to access your referral code and link.
  • Copy the provided code and link and share it with your friends and family using your preferred communication platform.
  • In this section, you can also check your referral commissions and the number of referrals you have made.

GamesMela referral program term and condition

  • Generally, the referral code may only be entered during the process of registration of a new user.
  • New users can snag a signup bonus with a referral code.
  • GamesMela hereby retains the privilege to cancel participation of any user in the referral program based on cheating or misuse of the referral processes.
  • ₹5 join bonus has a validity of only 7 days so that new members do not accumulate the bonus or leave it unused and start using it by playing games immediately.
  • Using one device for the creation of multiple fraudulent accounts is prohibited. Anyone who engages in such acts is likely to face suspension of their account.

Benefits of Using the q gamesmela App

Multiple Games

Make money by playing fun multiplayer games in the app!

Purchase Electronic Products

  • app offers electronic products, allowing you to purchase and receive a 100% cashback.
  • Note: The cashback will be added to your GamesMela game wallet to play more games.

Withdrawal of Earnings

Additional Offers

  • Daily Bonus: The app offers daily bonuses that can be claimed by logging in each day.
  • Loyalty Bonus: More so, it has bonus features that will reward your loyalty with an even better experience in the app.
  • Cashback on Deposits: Enjoy cash back on your monetary deposits and increased possibility of earnings.


in conclusion, I could say that it is a wonderful game app named as GamesMela in which you can find out plenty of HD graphics games to have a non-stop fun and also chance to make money as well. Its unique feature, more specifically, a referral program, enables users to earn rewards as many as they want based on referral codes and link sharing. By offering a signup bonus, daily and loyalty bonuses, cashback on multiple purchases, and safe withdrawals, GamesMela offers the best of both fun and profit for every lifetime. Get it today for free and start enjoying and making money too!


How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account or via UPI.

What should I do if I encounter issues with the app?

For any concern, you may report it directly to GamesMela’s customer support, readily available within the app’s help center.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit on GamesMela?

The minimum payout which a player can request for withdrawal through GamesMela is Rs. 25.

GamesMela app is real or fake ?

On the question of the authenticity of the GamesMela app, the results will be somewhat inconclusive. Okay some sources may confirm its authenticity, more user reports indicate problems with withdrawals and payments. For us, personally, is also the use of the application associated with the receipt of our rewards. !

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