Rummy birkin apk download – ₹40 bonus

Are you a fan of classic games? If yes, then we have something best out of recommendation for you. Today we all are looking to make our boring time better, and what can be better than playing games that are not just meant for enjoyment but for earning purpose as well? Yes! rummy birkin is a game that is popular among card enthusiasts worldwide. This best rummy app is famous because of its features and its level. So, make sure to download rummy birkin apk today and start earning with enjoyment. 

Rummy birkin apk

Download Rummy birkin apk to get free bonus of ₹40

Learning how to play rummy birkin is simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • The game can easily download by using below link. After clicking on download link you will be redirected to a new website, here you have to click on download button, then rummy birkin apk will start downloading in your browser.
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, provide the required permissions, then signup in the app using your mobile number and your mobile device is ready to experience the fascinating world of rummy birkin app.
  • Players are welcomed with a sizable signup bonus of ₹40 after successfully joining on rummy birkin app. The reward is a thank-you gift from the site that encourages users to try the game without immediately using real money. When you finish the registration process, the player’s account is normally awarded with the signup bonus. It can come in the form of complimentary game credits or real money that can be used to play any of the platform’s numerous rummy variations.

Games you can play in rummy birkin apk

You can play the best and the easiest game in rummy birkin apk. We have provided you with the list of games you can play below. 

  • Points Rummy: Use a predetermined rupee value per point to play for points.
  • Pool Rummy: Competitors must achieve a certain score to advance.
  • Deals Rummy: The player with the fewest points wins after a set number of deals are played.
  • Best of X: Multiple rounds; the winner is the player with the highest score after a certain number of rounds.
  • Private Tables: Have a private game of rummy with friends and family.
  • Teen patti
  • dragon vs tiger

Amazing feature of rummy birkin app

instant withdrawal

After earning ₹ 200 in this app, you can withdraw the earned money in UPI account or bank account within a few minutes.

Lucky spin

Lucky spin option is available in rummy birkin app in which you have to spin the wheel, after which you can win from ₹ 150 to ₹ 1000. But to get this spin, you have to deposit ₹200 in the app, which will give you 1 free spin.

30 Card Reward

In this option, you have to scratch the card, after which you can win unlimited coins. But to get scratch card you have to do recharge in app which will give you free scratch card.

First Recharge Bonus

After signing up in the app, you can get cash ranging from ₹ 300 to ₹ 900. To get this cash, you have to recharge the specific amount continuously from Day 1 to Day 5. Below we have also given the photo of the recharge amount.

VIP perks

Now you have the option of membership in this app, in which you can recharge from vip1 to vip8. Having a VIP membership will entitle you to additional bonuses and cashback.

Wrapping Up

In this, we have provided you a guide on easy download of rummy birkin app. So, make sure to download this game today and enjoy its features to earn money and great cash backs. Indeed, you will love to play this game in your free time. 


How much money can be withdrawn in rummy birkin app in 1 day?

You can withdraw cash up to ₹50000 in one day.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit in this app?

The minimum withdrawal limit of this app is ₹200.

How to talk to rummy birkin customer care?

Visit the support section in the app, then there you can talk to customer care.

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