Rummy Star apk download – Get ₹50 Bonus

Rummy Star is a brand-new platform for rummy games that can make you win more than 1000 rupees in one day. Rummy Star is like another rummy platform but recently launched with some new benefits. This rummy star apk was recently launched, and many people are unaware of its amazing benefits, which we are going to cover in this article.

App Name :Rummy Star apk
Sign Up Bonus :₹50
Referral Bonus :60%
Min. Withdrawal limit:₹100

Features of Rummy Star App

Refer and Earn:

  • Players will get their referral chips, like on some other rummy platforms, after completing the KYC process. Players can earn 30% tax amount of their referral friends. The referral bonus also depends on the referral friend’s amount of playing.

VIP Bonus:

  • Each player has to recharge for 50 rupees to activate their VIP plan. The VIP plan comes with weekly, monthly, and level bonuses. You can increase your level in VIP to make your bonus amount larger.

Updates all the time:

  • Whenever players open the app, so they will see different managers who tell them about new updates or new things the applications are adding. The app also gives an update on players who are winning a good amount every minute on Rummy Star app.

Spinning wheel:

  • Players have to collect some points to open the wheel. Three category wheels are present: one is silver, the second is gold, and the third is the most precious one which is diamond. In each wheel, points get increased, and the chance of winning more big prizes also gets increased.
Rummy Star apk download

Benefits of the Rummy Star app

Different gaming options:

  • The rummy star apk contains a total of 23 games, which include many popular ones like Dragon Vs. Tiger, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and many more. You just have to click on a game you want to play, and it automatically gets the download, so you can play without any problem.

Customer support:

  • Rummy Star app provides three ways of contacting them, which make solving any problem related to the game easier for players. Contact with the help of this two telegram and email.

Different ways to earn:

  • Now, if you are a YouTuber or thinking about becoming one, making content for Rummy Star can give you bonuses. Made content according to their instructions and provided your video and channel link to the Rummy Star team.

Rummy Star Apk  Downloading Procedure:

First step: Download the application from the link we provided below and install it properly on your device.

Second step: After opening the rummy star apk then login and Guest options will get appear. Choose your guests if you are a new user. Remove all the banners that appear after opening.

Third step: Now click on the user option and bond account. You just need to fill in your genuine phone number and have to set a password for it. Now that your account is fully created, you can do KYC too for withdrawing your winnings as well.

Benefits and Features of Rummy Star app?

Those who like playing rummy online will find a lot to appreciate with Rummy Star apk. To name a few:

  • Playing video games online with pals
  • Select your native language to play in: Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, or English.
  • Numerous Variations – Diverse Game Modes, with New Ones Added Regularly
  • Give interesting and captivating products as presents.
  • You may send and receive quick messages by chatting with your pals.
  • Functions flawlessly even with a slow Internet connection.
  • Rummy Best works with WiFi and any data connection. Indeed! It operates wonderfully even on 2G.


If you are someone who is thinking to earn more by using the skills you have in different rummy games, so Rummy Star app can be a good start. Rummy Star is a genuine application that is already in use by thousands of players. All applications of rummy contain some financial risk, but you can overcome it by playing strategically.


What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

Ans: the app support maximum withdrawal amount up to10,000.

What is the minimum amount we can withdraw?

Ans: the minimum withdrawal amount of the app is Rs 10.

How much time can withdraw take?

Ans: withdrawal time generally took about 2-3 hour.

How much cashback can players receive after depositing?

Ans: new user will get 100% cashback and old user will get 2% to 5.5%.

what is the custmorecare number of rummy star app?

The star rummy app doesn’t have any custmorecare number for now, but people can contact them on telegram and through live chat.

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