Zepto referral code – Get 25% off your first order

today we have come up with zepto referral code by using which you can avail some discount on your first order and this app also have refer and earn program using which you can get free zepto discount coupon code.

What is the zepto app?

Zepto is a firm in India that delivers groceries in 10 minutes or less. It was founded by Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra, two 19-year-old Stanford dropout entrepreneurs.

They give you 10 minutes. Deliveries made by dark micro in Zepto presently offers delivery services in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad. Kolkata and Pune will soon follow.

Zepto’s supermarket delivery app recently broke the previous record by bringing groceries to your home in under ten minutes. Customers have a variety of options to pick from within a 3-mile radius, restaurants.

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Why We Choose Zepto?

  • They offer a wide range of fresh farm produce, including fruits, vegetables, and dairy goods. The greatest and most reasonable rates are offered for these goods.
  • Zepto deliberately places its micro-warehouses and dark shops close to its target market’s population. As a result, they may shorten the distance between the warehouse and the clients and cut down on delivery time.
  • •Sign up  with the Zepto referral code to learn about the newest Zepto app discounts. By just touching an icon on your smartphone, Zepto will make sure that you can easily buy online for your household necessities and arrange delivery at your convenience.
  • Get your groceries delivered in only 10 minutes in Bandra West, Khar West, and Santa Cruz by downloading the Zepto app right away.

Sign up using zepto referral code & get 25% off

  • Download the Zepto app from the below link.
  • You will notice a difference in the user experience from this page alone once you enter your cell number and authenticate using the OTP provided through SMS.
    signup on the app using mobile number
  • Enter the XDK690referral code for zepto at this point to guarantee that your Zepto account receives the 25% off coupon for your first purchase.
    Enter referral code here
  • You may add money to your Zepto Cash account for a simple and quick transaction.

Benefit of using Zepto referral code and referral program

  • When you use referral code during sign up, then you will get 25% off on your first order.
  • Besides this, the app also have the referral programs in which you can earn 25% discount coupon code on each referral.

How to get referral code for zepto?

  • Open the Zepto app, then click on the three dot line icon.
    three dot line option of the app
  • After this there will be manage referral option, click on this.
    Manage referral option of the app
  • By doing this you will get your Zepto referral code and link, and you can also share your link in social media platform.
    zepto app referral code and link

Best features of the zepto app

  • I’m unsure of how much value Zepto has added to our lives. The journey to pick up the item and the time it will take to bring it to my door will consume a lot of my time. I particularly like the high caliber of the fruits and vegetables offered.
  • Order fulfillment is completed quickly thanks to the use of automated methods and cutting-edge technology by Zepto.
  • This includes automated packaging and sorting technologies, as well as the use of clever algorithms to Streamlined Operations: Zepto is always striving to improve operational efficiency.
  • They save time by streamlining procedures including inventory management, picking, packaging, and delivery coordination. streamline routes and reduce picking time.
  • Zepto places no minimum order restrictions! Order in as little (or as much) as you’d like. Zepto will deliver it to you!
  • Get real-time updates on your order status and an ETA on Zepto


Zepto is now one of the finest and fastest grocery delivery apps in India. We already have Swiggy, instamart, and Zomato, but neither can deliver groceries in less than 10 minutes. You’ll never have to plan for groceries or everyday requirements again if you have Zepto in your life. Zepto will deliver what you want, when you want it, to your door in less than 10 minutes.


How many people I can invite using my zepto referral code?

You can invite as many people by using zepto referral code.

Why I did not get zepto referral code reward?

The main reason for not getting referral benefits is that the person you invited may already have a zepto account, or the person may not have used your referral code during the registration process.

When do I receive my referral rewards?

You will get your referral reward coupon code after successful registration of your referral.

Is there an expiration date for my Zepto discount coupon code?

The referral reward coupon code is valid for one year.

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