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Welcome back friends, today we are going to discuss about the B Love app, by which you can earn bitcoin just by mining. Because this app has its own Blv and Bfic cryptocurrency which you can use as cryptocurrency. Below, we have discussed Blove Network Referral Code and it’s referral program.

What is B Love app?

B Love is a free mining app, in which you can earn cryptocurrency by mining, or you can increase your money by investing money in cryptocurrency named Blv and Bfic created by this app.

Blove Network Referral CodePTXST0
App Download LinkBelow
Blove referral amount500 BLV Tokens

How to get free blove free token of crypto?

  • Foremost, you have to download the B Love app by going to the given link.

  • After downloading, install it and then sign up with your mobile number then use that Blove Network Referral Code- PTXST0
    Blove Network Referral Code 2023
  • Now you will get free 500 BLV Tokens and Free Mining BLV Tokens.

After that you will see 5 types of icons
Home, Purchased, Financial, Sales, Me

  • HOME – When you click on the Home button, you will come to the home page of B Love app. Where you can earn free b love token by clicking on heart icon every day.
  • Purchased – When you click on this icon, the B Love tokens you have purchased will appear.
  • Financial – By clicking on this, you can invest money.
  • Teams – By clicking on this, you can share the referral link of united powerbank app with your friends and get information about all the referrals made by invitation.

Earn money by using Blove Network Referral Code and it’s referral program.

  • You can also earn money by using refer and earn program in B Love app.
  • For this, open the B Love app, after that you will see the icon of team, click on it.
  • Then you will get the referral link and code. You can earn money by sharing it with your friends.
  • The referral code of B Love app is based on commission, in which the more people join you, your level and the level of other people will also increase. From which you can earn blove tokens.

Below we have explained the level of this referral program with the example.

You have invited 10 (Lv.1) people. Each (Lv.1) person invites 10 (Lv.2) people. Each (lv. 2) person invites 10 Lv.3 people. Now your team has 1110 clients. And the discount rate of investment plan Lv.1 to Lv.3. By 10% 7% is 5%.

LEVEL 1 -3000RS if you invite 10 PEOPLE you will get 10% commission = total -3000RS

LEVEL 2 -3000RS if you invite
100 PEOPLES you will get 7% commission =total 21000RS

LEVEL 3 -3000RS if you invite 1000 PEOPLES
you will get 15%=150000RS

YOUR TOTAL REBATE INCOME 3000RS +21000RS+150000RS =174000RS

More earning apps:-

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B Love app real or fake?

By investing money in United Power Bank app, you can increase that money in a very short time. But in 2022, there were many such apps which have cheated people. Such as Powerbank, Sun factory, Moon factory, King Rich.

That’s why we will not advise investing money in B Love app, to earn money we have told you how to refer, by which you can earn money by referring. Because such apps initially give money to people but later when it has become very popular, it runs away with people’s money.


B Love app is a cryptocurrency mining app to be launched in 2023 which has its own official cryptocurrency. Currently, it is in the developing stage, due to which many of its features have not been launched yet. But, you can earn free cryptocurrency using the initial features of this app.


What is the Blove Network Referral Code?

blove app referral code is PTXST0.

What is the signup and referral amount of blove app?

The signup amount of blove app is 500 BLV tokens and referral amount is 10% commission.

What is the customer care number is of blove app?

This app doesn’t have any customer care.


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