Gullak app referral code – signup bonus up to ₹1000 + referral bonus up to ₹2000

Hey friends today we have an app where you can earn up to, ₹2000 by referring people. This app is unique because it allows you to invest in digital gold. You have the opportunity to grow your wealth by investing in real gold prices, as the value of gold rises, you can cash out your investment directly into your bank account and enjoy the profits. By referring others and investing in digital gold, you can earn more. Below we have explained the app’s refer and earn program and given the gullak app referral code which you can use to get signup bonus and earn money through refer and earn.

Signup BonusUp to ₹1000
Referral Code2KJ46D
Referral BonusUp to ₹2000 bonus
gullak app referral code2KJ46D

Understanding the Gullak App Referral Program

I was highly impressed by riding in the Gullak App referral program with the fact that it provides benefits for both parties, the referrer, and the referred person. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the rewards increase incrementally with the amount of gold invested: Here’s a detailed explanation of how the rewards increase incrementally with the amount of gold invested:

Incremental Rewards for Gold Investment

  • Mutual Benefits: Both the referrer and the invited person receive rewards.
  • Initial Investment Reward: Invest 0.5 gm of gold, and the referrer gets ₹100 while the invited friend gets ₹50.
  • First Milestone Reward: Invest 1 gm of gold, and the referrer earns ₹200, and the invited friend gets ₹100.
  • Mid-Level Investment Reward: Invest 5 gm of gold, and the referrer scores ₹1000, and the invited friend gets ₹500.
  • High Investment Reward: Invest 10 gm of gold, and the referrer pockets ₹2000, and the invited friend gets ₹1000.
  • Additional Coupon Codes: Rack up to, ₹1000 in coupon codes by referring friends, with a ₹100 voucher for each successful invite, usable on transactions over ₹3000.
  • Additional Rewards : You can also win coupon codes worth as much as, ₹1000 by referring friends. For instance, inviting a friend will get you a ₹ 100 voucher that is redeemable if the gold purchase exceeds ₹ 3000.

Steps to Use the gullak app referral code

First, download the Gullak app by clicking on the link provided below.

  • First, download Gullak app by clicking on the link provided below.
  • Fill in your mobile number in the respective box and complete the process through the OTP received on your mobile number.
  • You are required to enter your full name, age and the gullak referral code – 2KJ46D in the respective spaces.
  • Upon filling the necessary data, the account will be created based on the referral code.
  • To start enjoying the benefits of the referral program, invest 0.5 grams of gold. By doing so, you will receive ₹500.

By following these simple steps, you can successfully use the referral code and start earning rewards.

How to Share Gullak Referral Code

  • To begin, you need to launch the Gullak app on your mobile device.
  • To the right of the title bar at the top of the screen, there is a small icon in the form of a gift. Click on it.
  • Next, click the gift icon and choose the ‘Invite Your Friend’ option, then you will get your referral code and the link.
  • You can now share the referral code and the link with your friends to assist them to join Gullak and begin their journey to making money.
  • With these three steps, you can share the Gullak referral code and benefit from the referral system without any difficulties.

Gullak App Review and Referral Program Overview

In conclusion, several months ago I started using the Gullak application, and it is indeed a wonderful application for investing and saving. The design of the app is simple and clear, allowing me to get the details of the digital gold investments in a convenient way. It is best highlighted by the referral program; it serves as a bonus for the referrer and also an invitation for the invitee. You can make up to, ₹2000 by referring friends, and the rewards for gold investments are pretty generous. Nothing is as comforting as knowing that the app you are using is approved by the Reserve Bank of India, thus improving on its authenticity. In conclusion, I would say that Gullak is an amazing app for everyone who is focused on gradual increase in their wealth.


The Gullak App’s referral program is beneficial to both the referrer and the person being referred. As the program offers increases in rewards in proportion to the gold invested and with extra coupon codes, the program is highly appealing. Using and sharing the referral code is simple and quick, So Start sharing today and earn more and save more with Gullak!


How can I track my rewards?

Track within the app under ‘Invite and Earn’ to see invite status and earned rewards.

Gullak app is real or fake?

The Gullak app is legit and RBI-approved, so you know it’s credible and keeps your money and data super secure. I’ve had a great time using features like gold investment and automated savings. Overall, it’s a solid app for reaching your financial goals.

is gullak app approved by RBI?

Yes, gullak app is approved by RBI.

Can I add a referral code after setting up my Gullak account?

Yes, you can enter the referral code after setting up your account. Just click on the three-dot menu, scroll down, and select the referral code option. Then, enter the code in that section.

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